Hair Services

All prices are starting at the amount shown below.
Prices may vary depending on hair length, thickness and processing time.

Haircut / Style

Women’s Haircut                $60+
Men’s Haircut                      $40+
Blow-Dry Style                    $40+
DevaCurl Cut + Set             $80 – 150
DevalCurl Set + Lesson      $70


Hair Color

Base Color                                $85+
Highlights                                 $95+
Ombre / Balayage                   $130 +
(consultation required)
Color Correction
(consultation required)


Neuma Hair + Scalp Therapy

NeuHair Rejuvenation   |   $25
Completely revitalizes and restores hair and scalp to it’s purest possible form. For any and all hair types. A deeply cleansing, moisturizing, proteinizing and revitalizing treatment.

ReNeu Scalp Therapy   |   $25
Great for oily or challanged scalp conditions. A deep cleansing, fresh feeling, invigorating and exfoliating treatment.

NeuMoisture Scalp Therapy    |   $25
A moisturizing and invigorating scalp treatment. Great for dry, itchy, flaky challenged scalp conditions.


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